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The time has come! Gillian and Mark have returned to Wellington to gather forces and employ the eclectic talent of good friends to send Gillians songs onto the airways. Get ready to feed your soul some high fibre nourishment!

The CD 'Here's one we prepared earlier' is available from Slow Boat Records, Cuba st, Wellington

Recording has been the recent focus, and a number of friends/producers were recruited to work on the debut.

"We were a bit paranoid about songs sounding too similar from lack of production, so we got a whole bunch of people on board to do a song each. We didn't use all of the material, but it was a great process, and we ended up with a much more interesting album." -Mark

The first song to reach the initial part of completion was 'Impatient for Perfection', produced by Campbell Kneale.
Henderwood sent this to the B-net radio stations as an 'industry test', and it was play-listed by the majority of them nationally, with much enthusiasm. BFM were particularly keen on it, entering it on high rotate the day after they received it. This was all before the song had the final mix and mastering done.

Henderwood's album is literally stitched together in their trademark way. The artwork includes knitted and crocheted articles from both sides of the family, with the unique folded paper design held together with Mark's late night stitching.

"You can't burn copies of my zigzagging from any website!" -Mark


"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people" -Eleanor Roosevelt